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Our Services

Would you like to do business with us?  Learn about our two business models to be able to engage us.  Want to engage us in a new and unique way?  We are open to listen to your vision to embrace a new paradigm.



FAVuniteTV as a Platform

In this Channel Model – FAVUniteTV is a platform for Your Brand and content


  • The channel is  YOUR BRAND

  • You or your resources provide completed content

  • You approve the content submitted

  • FAVUniteTV reviews content submissions gaining all needed information about the creative provider

  • Upon approval and review, content goes through an ”Intake process” to be scheduled on channel

  • All submissions have YOUR BRAND Intro/Outro added to them showing sponsored by YOUR BRAND & powered by FAVUniteTV

  • INquire with us for the cost of a channel


FAVuniteTVs Fans Artists and Venue Channel

In this Channel Model, you join and enter the established FAVuniteTV Fan Artist Venue  channel and its framework for the public.

  • Fans have the ability to participate in Artist engagement

  • We provide Emerging Artists with a greater opportunity for overall success through their digital online presence.

  • We are able to provide Venues access to data they can use to promote their potential artists.

  • Our Platform consists of: Video streaming, video-on-demand, virtual currency, and fan traffic platforms

  • We are happy to offer Pay-Per-View is an option for those Artist and Venues that have a strong following already.

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