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At FAVunite TV, we understand the power of fan engagement.

Our service allows you to submit your content for fans to engage with and share.

We take the time to understand your brand, analyze trends, and create campaigns to develop and reach your target audience.

Content Submission Guidelines:


  1. Subscribe to FAVunite Tv for our introductory offer

  2. Complete the Artist Submission Form

  3. For small files up to 15MB you may upload here.

  4. Include a YouTube or Vimeo link.

  5. The content must pass an NC17 

Your Journey Starts Here!

Create a bridge between existing
fans and potential new ones. 

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For Emerging Artist Promotion
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Thank you for considering FAVuniteTV for content consideration. The submission fee $39.95. For this you will receive.

  • A FAVfan review survey results w/comments and testimonials

  • A FAVfan review recommendation for content placement or consultation

  • A FAVfan badge for all social media postings

  • A FAVfan review recommendation for content placement for 30 day VOD position on FAVunite Tv in the Emerging Artist Channel Category if your content is GREEN LIGHTED for placement



For more Emerging Artist Promotion, let's have a conversation about affordable packages and revenue sharing opportunities. 

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